Gum you can chew!!!!

Ok everyone, I know you have been dying without gum to chew and those mints just aren’t quite cutting it so…….. here is gum you CAN chew.

SPRY Xylitol gum.  Gum sweetened with Xylitol has the least impact on your blood sugar, which is what makes it OK for the IP dieter.

There is a catch though…………while it is acceptable to chew this gum, you cannot chew it all day every day.  Once a day or every other day is acceptable use.  Remember that we are trying to minimize the release of insulin from your pancreas in order for you stay in ketosis and keep burning fat. If you chew this gum all the time you will go out of ketosis – not good.

I know that there are other brands of gum made with Xylitol…..if they are sweetened ONLY with Xylitol, then they are probably ok.  Trident with Xylitol is not ok.

I have included a link below to help you find a location in your area that carries Spry.

Location finder

You can also check PCC, Trader Jo’s and other natural markets.


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One Response to Gum you can chew!!!!

  1. Rhonda Osborne says:

    Great Information! I’m glad to know that there IS an Ideal Protein acceptable gum. I will be buying Spry gum!!!

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